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Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon started in 1994 as a small online marketplace for books, but today is referred to as “one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world” selling anything and everything from furniture, groceries to personalised celebrity cardboard cut outs.

It is estimated that there are over 1 million different sellers on Amazon, so it can be a way for third party traders take advantage by infringing registered trade mark rights and selling counterfeit goods.

Amazon’s Brand Registry helps brand owners protect their IP rights and creates “an accurate and trusted experience for customers”. The Registry ensures that the trade mark owners are the only sellers who can sell their products on Amazon.

To enrol in Amazon’s Brand Registry, the brand owner must submit their active registered trade mark registration and be able to verify themselves as the brand owner in each country in which they wish to enrol.  The Brand Registry application must be submitted by the trade mark owner. Once submitted, Amazon will start the process of verifying that the trade mark is valid.

Once enrolled, brand owners can use Amazon’s search tool to find potential violations and report these within their Amazon account and Amazon will review and take appropriate action.


We have an experienced Brand Protection team that can assist you and your business with trade marks or any other brand protection issues, including Facebook trade mark violations and Google privacy requests (the right to be forgotten). Please speak to our expert team on 01753 876 800 or email

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