Pre-Action Protocol for Possession Claims – six months on

The Pre-Action Protocol for Possession claims by Social Landlords (“the Protocol”) has now been in force since 6th April 2015. Despite the fundamental errors in relation to Part 3 (mandatory grounds) of the Protocol, it has still not been amended by the Civil Procedure Rule Committee. As and when these amendments are made, we will […]

Yet a further new Notice of Seeking Possession!

There has now been a small amendment to the new Prescribed Form of Notice of Seeking Possession (“NOSP”) which was issued in April 2015. The information section at the top of the Notice has now been amended to read (amendment shown in bold): “Do not use this form if possession is sought on the “shorthold” […]

Owen White sponsor National Leasehold Conference

Social Housing specialists Owen White Solicitors are to be sponsors of the 2015 National Leasehold Conference. The conference, which is aimed at housing associations and those who wish to receive a concise one day update and increase their knowledge on the most relevant topics within the leasehold management sector, will be held at the Inmarsat […]

Can a leaseholder make an application to challenge the reasonableness of service charges whilst continuing to make payment(s) towards them?

    Peter Cain v Islington London Borough Council (2015) UKUT 542 (LC) The Upper Tribunal considered the meaning and effect of Section 27A(5) of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 following a challenge by a leaseholder as to the reasonableness of service charges that had been paid during a 12 year period. The Upper […]